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Business Process Management Suite





Helps Companies Across Industries


Clearly define and design the flow of tasks and operations, under specified business rules.

Uncover and eliminate hidden sources of complexity.
No more wasted resources.


Use business rules and automated tasks to perform processes that accomplish a business goal. Unify disparate systems and processes.

Implement processes in a straightforward, efficient, compliant and error-free manner.


Extensive logging and reporting allow insights into each process to optimize execution.

Optimization can eliminate bottlenecks, improve weak or over-engineered design, allow optimal usage of resources.

What you gain

Up to 80%
Reduction in
Process Time

Up to 90%
in Delays

Up to 50%
Increase in

Fully adjusted to the
specific needs of each

Operate on any device


Visual process design

Digitize your processes with ease and assign them to users or roles. Design effective business workflows and data paths through the processes, and modify them at any time.

No coding necessary

Create simple business workflows without writing a single line of code. BizSmart automatically creates forms, based on the elements provided on each work step.

Agile versioning

Create or modify business workflows in a graphic UI, assign roles or users to process steps and launch the workflow quickly.

Dynamic routing

Items are automatically routed to the right team members based on process rules.

Easy-to-use interface

An intuitive UI, secures that users get easily accustomed to, without any special training.


Real-time information with at-a-glance views of metrics and KPIs on processes, presented in a user-friendly format.

Grow as you go

Handle increased users, data volume, and complexity easily. A solution that grows with you to support multiple teams, locations, and more.


Cross-system orchestration made possible through robust and extensive web APIs (REST, SOAP).

One Platform

Any Industry

Any Process

As the product of many years of experience in the field of business process management,
BizSmart™ can function as the basic operational tool for the modern enterprise across industries.