BizSmart™ Document Management Module

BizSmart™ Document Registry Module

BizSmart™ Case Management Module

BizSmart™ Business Entities Relationship Module

BizSmart™ GDPR Implementation Module

BizSmart™ Document Management Module

BizSmart™ Document Management module is an efficient subsystem offering:

  • Upload / Download of documents 
  • Check-In / check-out of documents
  • Document Versioning
  • Folder structuring
  • Custom metadata attributes
  • Document Libraries with specific pre-defined settings (document types custom attributes versioning folder creation capability)
  • Access level rights for every document-related activity (upload / download / change / delete etc.)
  • Anti-virus protection

BizSmart™ Document Management Module seamlessly interacts with BizSmart™ core business functionality: 

  • Workflows
    • User can add one or more Document type variables to any business flow,
      so that Auto-forms display the ability to upload or download a document
  • UI
    • Document menus
    • Document Libraries settings menus
  • Storage
    • Documents are stored as BLOBs in secured SQL Server Database and can be encrypted
  • Example uses
    • Document Libraries can be set-up for Classified Documents
    • Document Libraries are used by default for Document Registry Module

BizSmart™ Document Registry Module

BizSmart™ Document Registry module offers the capability for full control of incoming and
outgoing documents in an organization and provides:

  • Integration with BizSmart™ Document Management Module
  • Templates for outgoing documents
  • Template designer with the ability to inject pre-defined tokens (e.g. Recipient’sName and Address, Case Number, Registration Number, etc.)
  • Various numbering schemata for incoming and outgoing documents

BizSmart™ Case Management Module

BizSmart™ Case Management Module introduces and serves the notion of a “Case” to an
organization. Depending on each business’ subject, a Case might have the following

  • A “Case” or a “File” for a law or notary firm
  • A “Case” for a public sector service
  • A “Claim” for an insurance companyAn “Expression of Interest” for a real-estate agency

 …and more

BizSmart™ Case Management Module binds customer entities, registration numbers and

The Case Management Module can interact with BizSmart™-created workflows, so that a
case can be assigned to an employee, can get advisory documents or comments from an
advisor or approvals from the employee’s supervisor or other agents.

A case can be marked with various states during its process, such as “assigned”, “approved”, “pending documents”, “in-process”, “completed”, etc. All the above states can be fully customized.

BizSmart™ Business Entities
Relationship Module

BizSmart™ Customer Relationship Module adds all the necessary functionality to support
customer-oriented operations. Customers can be linked to cases and document registries.

This inter-module connectivity provides a powerful toolbelt along with BizSmart™ core
workflow functionality.

There is a plethora of out-of-the-box and user-defined fields for each customer entry, along
with customer-to-customer relationships.

BizSmart™ GDPR Implementation Module

When there is a need to incorporate GDPR compliance rules, BizSmart™ can implement
workflows for two major GDPR processes: 

– Customer-triggered exercise of GDPR entitlement. Customers (persons) can submit a request to either:

  • Get informed on the data BizSmart™ holds for them
  • Suppress further processing of their data
  • Delete or anonymize their data

– Company-triggered mass deletion of customer data based on internal rules (e.g., delete data older
than 5 years)

Both above-described processes trigger standard or custom workflows, giving specific roles
the ability to accept or decline the GDPR request and a full report is created for each process