Indicative Clients

One of the leading telecom providers, Vodafone is using BizSmart™ in order to facilitate and optimize the Number Portability process. Over the years the company has acquired and merged numerous other telcos, which were also using BizSmart™ for their Number Portability needs, accumulating over the years several million successful number port-ins and port-outs.

One of the four “systemic” Banks in Greece. Since 2004 Eurobank has adopted BizSmart™ in order to digitalize its Legal Documentation processes, always developing and expanding its applications, adding more and more users, more Departments and more processes, that help employees accomplish their tasks much easier and faster, ultimately facilitating and satisfying the end customer of the Bank.

One of the four “systemic” Banks in Greece. Since 2018 ALPHA Bank has adopted BizSmart™ in an effort transform the processes of its Legal Department, to empower its employees to accomplish more in less time and allow its external resources provide timely output, that benefits both the Bank and the end customer.

A managed care service provider dedicated to serving the needs of all stakeholders in healthcare, including patients, medical providers and insurers, with over 150 personnel, MEDNET Greece uses BizSmart™ as the basis of its operations, having implemented multiple operational processes that span the whole company, as well as its subsidiaries and co-operating organizations. BizSmart™ is at the core of the information that flows around the company and provides efficient and timely actionable work items to all involved.

OTEGLOBE is the leading wholesale carrier in S.E. Europe with global reach and a reliable hub in the Mediterranean basin, offering to the market an alternative route for connecting Europe to Asia and the world through Greece. The company has chosen BizSmart™ to automate and optimize its internal administrative processes. OTEGLOBE’s personnel have a clear and distinctive overview of what needs to be done, following the internal rules and requirements of the company, so that they have time to do what they know best: Serve the needs of their customers!