Born from R&D efforts of private sector and academia, BizSmart is the brainchild of Innovis SA, a company set up with the goal of hosting it and serving the local and international market.

Product implementation started in 2002 with the platform conforming to international business and technology standards of the day, such as the rulings of WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition), Microsoft .net, SQL Server and Oracle databases and other.

The platform has been continuously updated, improving its functionality and applying new technology tools in order to keep it always relevant and up-to-date.

"Greek company develops satellite based software to improve workflow processes"

European Space Agency

A pivotal moment has been the selection of the platform by the European Space Agency for space-enabled communications to be integrated.

This allowed for a thorough re-engineering of the platform, conforming to the strict standards of ESA, giving a robust system BizSmart-SAT that has carried through for the large part of a decade.

iTeam S.A.

Since the beginning of BizSmart’s commercial endeavors, one more company has stood by BizSmart’s side, providing commercial support, as a certified business associate. This is iteam SA.

In recent years, the relation between the two companies has evolved even closer. The newest version of the platform, BizSmart X, has seen the two companies co-operating on the technology level, building co-development teams, as the adoption of the system in more clients and more demanding tasks is increasing.

The two companies now develop, market, maintain and support BizSmart with a dedicated, combined team of highly specialized professionals, who are committed to serving our customers with the newest-technology, robust, proven, highly-efficient and dependable system for all process management automation needs.